Low Thyroid Symptoms: Adults and Children Show Different Symptoms

Published: 14th January 2009
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Low thyroid is also called hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is a condition when your thyroid produces less hormone which results in low basal body temperature, low cellular metabolism and also some kind of unexplained weight. There are certain low thyroid symptoms which can help you to detect the condition in your body early and thus take medical help to overcome the quandary easily.

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The low thyroid symptoms are quite visible. Thus if you ever observes such symptoms on your body or some one in your family go for immediate thyroid hormone test and see if there is deficiency of the hormones. What can be the cause of such deficiency, how far the condition has aggravated and many such examinations are done to diagnose and treat your condition.

The signs and symptoms of low thyroid vary largely and depend a lot on age, the severity of hormone deficiency, your body metabolism and other factors. Old aged people who are very much vulnerable to this ailment show some symptoms, then the symptoms may be different in adults and then infants and children show some different symptoms too.

The low thyroid symptoms include - weight gain, puffy face, cold intolerance, loss or thinning of eyebrows, abdominal bloating, depression, cold hands and feet, joint or muscle pain, abdominal pain, dry and thinning of hair, thickening of skin, brittle or very thin fingernails.

Some other low thyroid symptoms are stress and tiredness. People begin to feel chronically tires and very much sensitive to cold, have muscle aches and joint pains. There is a modest weight gain. Other symptoms may be constipation and loss of appetite. Gradually the skin becomes rough and dry; the mental activities like concentration and memory are slightly affected; your hair gets coarsen and they become thin and stars falling to some extent.

Infants and children may show altogether different symptoms from adults. Low thyroid symptoms in infants and children may include feeding problem, constipation, sleepiness, hoarseness of voice, and then they may have protruding stomach, dry skin, delayed teething and others. They need immediate attention to such symptoms.

Children with hypothyroidism may show symptoms like yellowing of skin, frequent choking, a large protruding tongue, puffy appearance of face, poor muscle tone, excessive sleepiness and poor metal development, poor or delayed mental development.

Low Thyroid Symptoms - If You Want To Learn How You Can Lose Weight By Performing A Healthy And Easy-To-Use Diet Then Give This A Shot.

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